First Blog.

The basic idea of being successful is being happy for what you are today and constantly working to get better. But living in a society whose moral codes are so deeply shallow, makes me sense that we people, forgot. We forgot being satisfied and happy with what we have, We were so busy applying for car loans in rich banks just because your colleague has bought a brand new Porsche. We try to convince the world that we’re happy and in the end we find ourselves broken .

I am no one to blame others , but I do realise that we wouldn’t have been like this if we were raised a bit more cautiously . I see the near youth completely misguided and unaware of the real meaning of success ,no one talks about the real happiness , self believe and inner satisfaction to the youth , everyone is pointing out the pornography , teenage pregnancy and drug abuse . Our Guardians don’t have a bad intention . I mean, All they know is they’re innocent . they’ll cause damage . 

So let’s promise that we would be better parents so that this materialistic marathon ends soon.


Author: Umang Dwivedi

I am from India . I like to express myself through writing.

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