Fourth blog.

“The fact that people overvalue themselves, really pisses me off ! “

This little shitty habbit , drags you miles away from being self satisfied and in a state of contentment . I mean just look at it ,overvalueing  ourselves makes us sad and melancholic,  everyone is busy cursing themselves for not having/being things, we act as if we’re hungry for sympathy . You need to be real to yourself . You gotta stand up in front of the mirror and ask 100 times a day –“who the hell you are”, “what do you want to do?” ,” are your actions assisting you in achieving what you want to do ?” .

When you evaluate yourself and be honest to yourself ,simultaneously.

Nothing would ever stop you . 

Like my favorite rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur said — ” you gotta hustle, give it everything you ever had “.


Author: Umang Dwivedi

I am from India . I like to express myself through writing.

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