Eighth Blog .

In the short run , in an artificial social systems such as a school , which is based on the law of harvest , you may be able to get by if you learn how to manipulate the man made rules, to “play the game” . In most one-shot and short lived human interactions , you can use the personality ethic to get by and to make favourable impressions through charm and skill and pretending to be interested in other people’s hobbies. You can pick up quick , easy techniques that may work in short term situations . But secondary traits alone have no permanent worth in long term relationships . Eventually if there isn’t deep integrity and fundamental character strength , the challenges of life will cause true motives to float on surface and human relationship failure will replace short-term success.

The price must be paid and the process followed . You always reap what you sow. There’s no shortcut .

– 4th June ,2018

– Umang Dwivedi.


7th blog. ( A real life incident)

It was a dark moonless night . I was sitting in the valleys of the Parvati river , outside my tent , around the bonfire with my trekking team . It was quarter past 1 and we all were high on Angel’s envy bourbon and I had already lit the hash j . I saved all the way from the start . I planned to puff that thingy on the heights.

I had worked out the last night , it was a chest day and I kinda overworked myself , I really get nervous before trekks like these . That terrain was a bad son of a bitch . It was a 89 km trek . And I wanted to be up to it.

The next day , we started the trek 4:30 a.m. sharp. Our starting point was old kasol , first checkpoint was Malana , the second– Manikaran , third –tosh and then to Kheer Ganga . All this , under the time limit of 37 hours . Our destination finale was a perfect view of The Parvati mountain ( Parvati Parvat) discovered by a fellow trekker .

There’s something so spectacular about people who love being an adrenaline junkie , for them everything is so binary . Either it’s a yeah or a nay .Contemplate me for an instance, I am an emotional person . I like the rush in my bloodstream . That’s why I like heights, I like mountains , I like deep sea diving footages *I haven’t dived yet* , I like stuntmen more than super stars . I like aeroplanes , submarines and much more legit stuff .

So it was 1:15 a.m. , we had completed the trek just as we wanted . We were relishing the high we had . The music was soft and acoustic , allowing me to set my mind free.

It was 2:45 a.m., the team was asleep , but me , I was near the bonfire ,looking at the dark sky and all those mighty silhouettes of the himalyas,covered with white caps . I was down there , thinking about absolutely nothing . It’s a really hard job to be blank for even a second but there I was sipping emptiness on a mountain top.

I was high and my cognitive and auxillary senses weren’t that sharp at that moment . I heard some growling from a bush near by , but I was ignorant about it , I thought I was too high , two minutes post to it, looked back towards that same area from where I felt the sound was coming . I saw an appearance, galloping towards me and before even I was able to zero in on that thing , it attacked me , with its sharp knife-like claws , my back was torn apart , my right thigh was mutilated by that thing . I was feeling it tearing my flesh apart . I shouted out as loud as I could . So that I could be heard by any one of my trekking mates .I was being tossed and flinged like a knick-knack .

I didn’t have any machete, gun or a knife . And by my guesses , I was being attacked by a wild bear ,or some kind of other indigenous or feral animal . It threw me about 10 feets away . I thought I’d just get up and flee and hide and as I tried to stand , I felt that emmense amount of pain in my chest , I knew my ribs were snapped.

Luckily, one of my teammates, Ibrahim woke up , when he heard growling and shouting. He fired two shots back to back on that bear , with his black Remington shotgun , the bear was on the ground and I was starting to feel the pain from the lacerations the bear gave me .

I wasn’t able to get up and Ibrahim galloped towards the tents , he came back with all the members and a first class first aid kit , taking out hydrogen peroxide and spraying all over my body , I felt the burn that I shouted out loud . He calmed me by saying ,”ye infect ni hone dega” . He ordered the team to pick me up and place me near the tents . There Ibrahim accompanied by his younger brother , dressed those wounds. And then those tranquilizers in the name of painkillers , made it easy for me .

In a couple of hours a heli-medical service was there to transport me from the woods to the nearby hospital .

At that time , while I was in the hit of those painkillers and all the trauma , it struck me . I got the answer to all my question ,rather I got which questions were right , answerable . Suddenly I knew that , in the moments of utter fear , there is a fearless hush . All my life I was afraid of being attacked by a bear , and when one actually did, all I thought about was, did I love enough , did I even make an impact.

I try to live to the fullest , everyday . I know , the odds are 50 -50 , either you live or you die . Why don’t spend more love , spread more value . In the end it’s always about that extra mile .

Live More .

Narrator- Abhinav Upadhyay ( former windows employee).

Writer- Umang Dwivedi ( insta- umang_dwivedi_ ) .

Sixth blog.( Letting go ) 

Letting go —

For most of us it’s a really tough job to let go of all the memories with someone who we are still emotionally attached to. For me it is now clear that once the other person has no aegis for your “-being “. you can keep your good wishes for them to yourself . Letting go isn’t a process , letting go is a state of mind. You just can’t assume it to be a process.

Fourth blog.

“The fact that people overvalue themselves, really pisses me off ! “

This little shitty habbit , drags you miles away from being self satisfied and in a state of contentment . I mean just look at it ,overvalueing  ourselves makes us sad and melancholic,  everyone is busy cursing themselves for not having/being things, we act as if we’re hungry for sympathy . You need to be real to yourself . You gotta stand up in front of the mirror and ask 100 times a day –“who the hell you are”, “what do you want to do?” ,” are your actions assisting you in achieving what you want to do ?” .

When you evaluate yourself and be honest to yourself ,simultaneously.

Nothing would ever stop you . 

Like my favorite rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur said — ” you gotta hustle, give it everything you ever had “.

Third Blog 

DEATH is always a matter of seriousness . 

When i was young , i didn’t get the concept of death . I was always a type of kid who didn’t do what he was told to. And like every other kid i loved my grandma .I sometimes asked her , ” ma! Where do people go after dying ? ” and she’d always reply with a brief pause , as if she recalled something, then with a smile she’d point towards the sky and say ,” god promotes good people to be stars .” . I questioned her that if she were promoted ,would she be able to see me from there, she’d laugh on this and question , ” will you come and wave to me , every night ? ” . I always answered YES !

A few years later , I was 10 years old maybe , my grandma passed away , I didn’t cry , it wasn’t like I didn’t try but I couldn’t cry . I was just sitting there numb . Watching her getting promoted .

For about 6 months,after her funeral I regularly went to my terrrace,  waved my hands like my life was depended on it , hoping that she’d see me . I was getting desperate. Unaware of the fact that all this effort was fading in nowhereness . I used to think ,” did she see me ,yesterday ?” ; “when will I see her again?” ; ” is she taking her pills?” .

Couple of more months passed but my routine was to point . I went to my terrace every day and waved . It was a Tuesday night , I had my dinner, and went to my terrace,there was something gloomy about that night, it was my birthday . As soon as I reached my terrace and started waving , I started weeping , tears fell down my eyes all by themselves, no efforts needed . It was the day when I had to realise .  My weeping became crying , my caring mom immediately galloped upstairs to the terrace . she ran towards me assuming that I was bit or injured . She asked ,” What happened , Umang ?”. My answer was ,”why didn’t grandma wave back.”    
That incident made a dent on my conscience . it made me realise that once you’re gone you ain’t coming back for no one , death knows no ties ,no bonds . on a serious note it made me more quite and forgiving , nothing is permanent .

Second Blog.

 It is sad that for a long time child-labor has been in vogue in India. They are seen working at hotels and restaurants, factories and houses. Children are the automatic choice of the employers. For, they work more but are underpaid.

.Working Conditions of Child Laborers: Child labor presents a grim picture of the socio-economic condition of a large section of our population. In a large overgrowing family, where there is hardly a square meal a day, the young child is compelled to go to work to earn bread.

Working under hazardous conditions they start living a life of perpetual unhappiness and frustration. It is a tale of deprivation and longing.

Causes: Poverty, over-population, parental neglect and social callousness turn them into child labors.

Consequences:The engagement of child labor is a heinous social offence. Only a diseased society keeps up this evil practice. Children are born to live and bloom freely. Everyone should see to the full expression of their potentials. For, ‘what is done to children, they will do to society’.

Child labor is a threat to our society. The evil effects of Child Labor are given below:

  • Child labor is a major hurdle in the economic development of a nation.
  • A child, when engaged in economic activities, is deprived of proper education.
  • Child labor negatively affects the health of the child. Engagement of children in factories and mines often leads to severe diseases. This malpractice needs urgent attention.
  • These children are not able to enjoy their childhood.

How to Stop Child Labor? 

  • A child who gets a good social environment grows up to become a good citizen, which in turn helps the country to grow and develop.
  • Education of the masses will be very helpful to raise the consciousness of general people. For this, mass media campaigns over radio, television, newspaper, internet, etc. can be used.
  • Thanks to the government, the child-labor ban act was passed. Let us not violate the act. Let all children enjoy the glory and beauty of childhood.

I hope my article affects your brain in an exponentially positive way.